15 Days in the Desert - A Brief Note from Officer Commanding B Squadron

By Maj Rob Hume
1 December 2009

B Squadron TF 3-09 continues to successfully achieve all of its assigned tasks and missions, and many more on its own initiative. Of particular note was B Squadron’s recent participation in a 15 day battle group operation to clear and hold a town not far from Kandahar City.

B Squadron provided two separate manoeuvre elements with as many support personnel and vehicles that it could provide. The firepower and protection offered by our tanks provided overt deterrence that resulted in extremely minimal exchange of fire with the insurgents encountered within the town. The deterrence that we provided was so successful in the eyes of our higher Headquarters that we remained deployed on the operation longer than most Battle Group assets, including two of the infantry companies participating. Our heavy breaching and vehicle recovery capabilities also allowed us to hastily construct combat roads through fields and river valleys when necessary to minimize the threat of improvised explosive devices (IED) for those who followed us.

Simultaneous to this operation was the continuing of day-to-day operations at our forward operating base (FOB) under the leadership of Capt Mike Gough and WO Marty Wheeler (AKA the Sheriff). They ensured that the FOB not only continued to function effectively, but overtly appeared to do so by forming a cohesive and highly reactive team.

During that time Commander of Canadian Expeditionary Forces Command (CEFCOM) and some of his staff visited the FOB and received a brief from Capt Gough and WO Wheeler. He was briefed on a number of issues including squadron operations, tasks, and concerns. By all accounts, Commander CEFCOM and his accompanying staff appeared quite surprised yet impressed with what B Squadron was accomplishing in comparison to the size of squadron.

In short, I offer to you the friends and loved ones of the soldiers of B Squadron that you can and should be proud of the success that we have clearly enjoyed. Similarly, you can be sure that we will continue to accomplish our mission with vigour and success.