Vimy 100

Carolyn Patton, Vimy 100 Committee

Vimy Ridge Sunday was a truly remarkable event here in Edmonton. All the more special by your soldiers and horses that were the showpiece at Churchill Square. From the moment they arrived to the end of the day, families and children followed them everywhere. We even had clearance for them to ride the horses around Churchill Square which they did quite often. Sergeant Kruhlak had the best idea; to have the 4 horses stand sentry in front of City Hall as the military parade marched into formation. The crowd loved it! I even think the horses neighed in tune when O Canada was sung.
Your Regiment was an absolute pleasure to collaborate with on this event. Their enthusiasm, support, ideas were top notch and they presented so well in their WWI uniforms.
Of note, we made history. As you know, the Lord Strathcona’s soldiers were part of the 10 hour Vimy Vigil standing side by side with civilians. This has never been done before in Canada and you helped to make it happen. We were witness to an event that emotionally moved so many people.
I just wanted to send this note out to let you know how immensely proud we are of your Regiment and all the effort you put into making this a memorable event for our community and country. You have a lot to be proud of.
On behalf of the Vimy 100 committee, stay well and have a very safe tour.