Inaugural Meet and Greet of the Vancouver Island Branch of the Regimental Association


As 2013 arrived here on the sunny west coast, the arrival of the New Year was marked by the inaugural gathering of a newly formed regional branch of the Regiment’s Association that has recently found its legs out on the best coast in Victoria BC.  This initial gathering attracted 16 members of our Corps, with a wide and varied representation in the room, including former and serving members of our Regiment, the RCD, 8CH, BCD, BCR, 1H, FGH and the Cdn AB Regiment ranging in age from 28 to 83 years old. 


We were joined by several members that drove down from locations further up Island, as well as Rollie Keith and Pam who joined us from the mainland, and by Barry Rose who had just returned from Palm Springs earlier that afternoon.  This initial event was held at the Naval Officers Training Center Gunroom, located just steps from the ocean on Victoria’s scenic inner harbour, and the venue served well for this initial gathering of local members of our Regiment and the Corps.  We were very fortunate to have with us the Colonel of the Regiment, MGen (Retd) Cam Ross, who provided the newly formed group with a few words of encouragement and an overview of the status of our Regiment. 


The intent is to continue to grow this newly established branch, focusing on less formal social events, under the banner of the Regiments Association, but serving as a venue to gather all of those associated with our Regiment and our Corps that are fortunate enough to call Vancouver Island home, expanding on the tremendous work done to date by Dave Letson in keeping this large and diverse group connected here on the west coast of BC.  The next function for this newly formed branch will be on 28 March 2013 at 11am when the group gathers at the Sidney and North Saanich Yacht Club to commemorate the 95th anniversary of the Battle of Moreuil Wood with our counterparts from the mainland and elsewhere in BC.  


Geoffrey Bennetto
2014-06-14 09:15:46

Where does this branch meet? I'm moving to Nanaimo in a few weeks.