Strathcona Family Day 2014

Lt Sean Coughlan

Saturday, 6 September, marked the annual Strathcona Family Day.  As always, this event was only made possible as a result of the donations made every year to the Regimental Society.  Family Day is the Regiment’s way of showing appreciation to the families of our soldiers.  A Squadron was responsible for the planning and coordination of the event this year, which consisted of contracting outside organisations as well as inter-unit cooperation.  In keeping with tradition, the event’s activities centered on carnival style games and snacks as well as vehicle displays and the ever popular Tank and LAV III rides.  Set up for the event started earlier that morning spearheaded by Maj Darryn Gray, Capt James Anderson, Lt Cameron Ross, WO Richard Sherren, and Sgt Gerri Davidson, along with several volunteers from every squadron of the Regiment.  Together they were able to put on an event that entertained hundreds.

This year there was a change to the roster for the dunk tank.  The torch was passed from higher to the Subalterns of the Regiment, who took it with grace and even an unexpected amount of excitement. Thanks should be given to the Garrison Fire Department for not only providing us with a truck for static display but also giving us the water to fill the dunk tank.  Recognition should be given to the new Signals Officer Capt Nadir “The Otter” Masood for taking three shifts back to back in the tank. By the end of the day, the water level was getting a little low; this however did not deter Lt Bryce “Ice Tank Challenge” Simpson, as the tank was filled with the ice from all the closing drink stands. Needless to say the last round of the dunk tank was quite invigorating.

408 Tactical Helicopter Squadron helped out with the event as well, providing the Regiment with a Griffon helicopter for the vehicle display.  This was, as in years past, of great interest to the children in attendance.  The vehicle rides were able to run smoothly this year using four Leopard 2A4s from both A and B Squadrons as well as one LAV III from Reconnaissance Squadron.  Luckily for everyone, the weather decided to behave and we had a beautiful sunny day throughout.  The heat was countered through the use of snow cones and ice cream that was readily available throughout the day.  Guests were treated to a BBQ put on by the Regimental cooks, as well as an abundant supply of pizzas.  

Over fifty prizes were given out this year to those in attendance, including several gaming systems and outdoor equipment.  This year’s Family Day was once again a great success, showcasing the Regiment’s appreciation for all the sacrifices made by the families of our soldiers.  The success of this year’s event will ensure that this event will continue for many years to come, and was only achieved by the hard work and diligence of all the soldiers involved in the planning, preparation, and execution of the event.