Master Warrant Officer K.A. Shiells

Squadron Sergeant Major A Squadron

MWO Shiells was born January 25 1970 in Regina Saskatchewan, He joined the Regiment in 1995 as a component transfer from the primary Reserves.

He started his Regimental life in Transport in Calgary, and moved up to Edmonton in 1997. He was employed in Recce Sqn as a rifleman and the newly formed B company of the LdSH Battle group where he deployed on his first tour Op palladium Roto 1. Upon his return he remained in Recce Sqn and served in Admin troop. He completed the last LdSH run assault trooper’s course and deployed on his second tour with Recce Sqn OP kinetic in 1999. Upon return He completed his Coyote driver, Surv Op course, before moving to Regimental headquarters in signals troop as the RRB driver.

Remaining in RHQ he move to Regimental recce troop and completed his Coyote gunnery course. He served in 60 for two years before training for Afghanistan in 2002. Watching Recce Squadron deploy minus two Patrols, he moved to C Sqn and began his life as a tanker. He completed an abbreviated loader course and deployed on BDE EX to Suffield subsequently being chosen to crew one of 4 tanks chosen to compete in the CAN AM cup. He moved again into B Sqn and began training for Bosnia. He deployed on his third tour as the WSE Int MCpl in SHQ until the spring of 2003.

Newly promoted  to MCpl he returned to Canada, competed his C2 Leopard Gunners course while still missing his recce days. He returned to Recce Squadron in 2004 and deployed on his fourth your to Kabul with Kabul multinational brigade in 2005 as gunner for 43 and the task force recce Sqn.


Upon return and completion of his ARCC course in Gagetown, he was posted to the Western area training center in Wainwright as instructor within A coy. He instructed numerous PLQ’s, BMQ’s and SQ courses. In 2006 he completed his Recce patrol commanders course and was promoted to Sgt. He returned to the Regiment in Dec 2008, and rejoined B Sqn. He was appointed Operations Sgt for B Sqn and deployed on his fifth tour with task force 309 on Masum Ghar Afghanistan.

Upon Return in 2010 he completed his Troop Warrant's course and was promoted in 2011. He served at 21A for two years before taking over as B Sqn SQMS. In 2013 he was again posted to Wainwright CMTC and was employed in OPS Group as an OCT for two years. He returned to the unit in the summer of 2015, as SQMS A Squadron, before taking over as Regimental Operations Warrant, and a very busy 2016. In the fall of 2017, MWO Shiells completed his DP4 Sergeants Major course and was promoted to his current rank in December of that year where he proudly accepted his appointment as SSM B Sqn.


MWO Shiells has deployed on numerous domestic operation to Include Winnipeg Floods 1997, Pine Lake tornado 2001, BC fires 2002, and the Calgary Flood 2013.  MWO Shiells is currently employed the SSM of A Sqn

MWO Shiells is an avid outdoorsman, He enjoys hunting and fishing but admits he doesn’t get out as much as he would like. He is a volunteer hockey coach for Sherwood Park minor hockey and Sherwood Park Ringette. He enjoys coaching both of his children. He is married to his wife Laura and has two active children Callum and Taryn.