Recce Squadron Lending a Helping Hand

By:  Lt Darren Carter-Wright

While deployed on Operation NANOOK 2014 in Iqualuit, NU, the Task Force was approached by volunteers from the Iqaluit Food Bank requesting help to off-load seventeen pallets of food which they had received for their annual restocking.  The Iqaluit Food Bank receives a shipment of this calibre on an annual basis and provides support for over four hundred families through the winter months.  Recce Squadron, as well as other Strathconas present, did what they do best and were more than happy to lend a helping hand.

Lt Andrew Tardiff and Lt Darren Carter-Wright happened to be on the ground when the volunteers arrived and quickly coordinated a work party.  With all assigned taskings complete for the afternoon, Recce Squadron was able to provide around 25 soldiers to assist including MCpl Mike Boodhoo, Sgt Clifford Kentfield, Sgt Geoff Limbert, Cpl Gabriel Van Den Born, Cpl Mike “Red” Van Nieuwenhuyze, Cpl Leighton Smith, MCpl Kevin Crowe, and Tpr Mackenzie Norring.  The food bank, which only had three volunteers present, was very impressed by the professionalism and the strong work ethic shown by the soldiers.  Recce Squadron was able to unload the seventeen pallets, totalling 30,000 lbs of non-perishable foods, in less than two hours, and pack it away into a warehouse for the winter.

Overall, it was an outstanding opportunity for the Squadron, Regiment, and the Canadian Armed Forces to strengthen relations between the community of Iqaluit and give back after being welcomed into the community for the past week.