No Stone Left Alone

By MWO J.P. Pudar


This year I was given a great honour to assist in the coordination of a Remembrance Week initiative that was dreamed up by Mrs Keeley Yates and Mrs Maureen Purvis. The No Stone Left Alone Memorial Foundation is a group of citizens who essentially wanted to honour Canadian Veterans while keeping the history and memory of the sacrifices that were made alive in the minds of today’s youth. On 10 November 2011, 300 students from the Nellie McClung program, along with members of the Regiment, laid approximately 2900 poppies on the gravesites of veterans at the Field of Honour at Beechmount Cemetery. This was the first event of its kind for the Foundation and their goal was to ensure that each veteran in the Field of Honour had a poppy in front of their headstone for Remembrance Day. Their ultimate goal is to have the initiative spread across the country so that every veteran laid to rest in the country will have a poppy on the day of remembrance. An ambitious but honourable dream.