Kingston Chapter:


The Executive Committee of the Kingston Chapter consists of:
President: Kevin Mulhern (613-547-0419)
Vice: John Stuckart (613-384-6816)
Treasurer: Tom Martineau (613-541-4294)
Secretary: Dave Macleod
Membership: Chris Rankin

Membership in the Kingston Chapter means being on our contact list, through which we will keep you up to date on local association news and events in Ontario. We do not collect membership dues; events will be pay as you go. However, we encourage members to belong to the Strathcona Association.

If you have any additional ideas or comments feel free to contact us. We would ask that you spread the word to those who may not be on the ENEWS or Newsletter distribution list. People have ‘dropped off the radar” and Lost Trails do mean something to the Regimental Family. We are always looking for articles and/or pictures of events in your area of the Province no matter what size of the gathering. We will continue to keep the website up to date and we look forward to seeing you at our next event.