HQ Sqn Tpt Tp

Transport Troop has had one of the busiest years to date, and undergone many transitions since April.  The soldiers were busy undergoing MSVS, MLVW and Commercial Airbrake training throughout the spring and summer, as well as getting further qualifications for Troop Carrying and Dangerous goods.  All of this occurred at the same time as the Tp provided drivers and dispatch support to Ex DESERT RAM in Suffield, Ex MAPLE GUARDIAN in Wainwright and finally Op LUSTRE in Manitoba during April and May to provide aid during the flooding.  We had some time during June and July to qualify some of our soldiers on wheeled support vehicles.  Our Forward Area Refuelers, Tprs Trevor Kesler and Oto Koukal were working hard to support not only Regimental exercises and operations, but were also sent out to support the Combat Team Commander course in Gagetown, Ex MAPLE DEFENDER with the Primary Reserve and the Gunnery course in Wainwright.  

We welcomed back the august and experienced WO Tom Falls this summer, whose arrival came just in time for Ex MOUNTAIN MAN 11 and Ex STEELE SABRE 11.  Somehow the Tp effectively moved approximately 400 canoes from as far away as Cold Lake, Cochrane and the Vernon Army Cadet Camp in BC.  Moving them to the race’s start point and from the finish line, then redistributing them back to their proper owners was conducted under the under the supervision of the ever watchful and safety conscious Sgt Wes Kopp.  

Concurrently, dispatchers Cpls Steve Penny, Stevie LaFontaine and Perry Ross managed all the unit rental vehicles, booked lowbeds and busses and coordinated the external transport support requirements for Ex STEELE SABRE 11.  The pace was hectic and the days were long for all, but everything was completed before the Regiment hit the field in September.  

Once we arrived in Wainwright on Ex STEELE SABRE 11, all of the newly qualified MSVS drivers were put to the test and our new Tprs were qualified Airbrake.  MCpls Dave Lahay, Andrew Baird, Brian Cameron and Chris Woods were busy managing the vast field requirements.  Cpl Mike Pugh did a great job as one of our field dispatchers and  Cpl Marc “Boo Boo” Marion (resemblance to the Bear) ran a tight POL point.  Tprs Coleman Germann, Tamaragh “Knuckles” Malone and Stephen Taborowski participated in some stalking and night resupply training with Recce Sqn and did an impressive job.  

Regimental redeployment ran smoothly and after some well deserved time off, the training cycle started again.  Tpt Tp has built a cohesive and hardworking team that never misses a beat.  A special Thank You goes out to all of the families of our soldiers for your support throughout a busy year thus far and have a great Holiday Season.