Canadian Pacific (CP) / Strathcona 

Student Scholarship Program




This scholarship program offers annual subsidies totaling $10,000 toward costs incurred through enrolment in bona-fide educational programs at the post-secondary level.  Recognized programs include those offered by a university, community college, or technical school in Canada but do not include the curricula offered by commercial institutions.  Two scholarships are offered – Academic and Technical.

Academic Scholarship

A $5,000 scholarship for post-secondary education is available to the child or spouse of a Strathcona on active duty or retired from the Canadian Armed Forces.


Technical Scholarship

A $5,000 scholarship is available for a Strathcona soldier leaving the Canadian Armed Forces for 'transitional training' into railway applicable technical trades.  The receipt of this scholarship does not imply an obligation on either the recipient to seek employment with the Canadian Pacific Railway nor the Canadian Pacific Railway to offer employment to the recipient.  However, the recipient of this scholarship would be offered an information session with the Canadian Pacific Railway Human Resources personnel for a briefing on employment prospects with the company.


•    The parent or spouse of the applicant for Academic Scholarship must be currently badged or have retired from the Canadian Armed Forces as a Strathcona, or, in the case of support trades, the soldier must be on Regimental strength at the time of the application.
•    The children and spouses of all Strathconas are eligible for Academic Scholarship, regardless of their place of employment.
•    Evidence of enrolment in a qualified post-secondary educational institution for the application term must be provided.
•    Individuals who have received a previous scholarship are not eligible to re-apply in subsequent years.
•    The applicant undertakes that the information contained in their application is correct and true to the best of the applicant’s knowledge. 
•    The applicant understands that the Selection Panel retains the right to reject applications based upon eligibility criteria and that the Society has no obligation to grant awards if not warranted in the sole opinion of the Selection Panel.

•    The applicant also understands that technical scholarship can be converted to an academic scholarship or vice-versa with the Selection Panel approval based on the applications received. The selection panel has the discretion to adjust the number and amount of the scholarships awarded, totaling $10, 000 based on the applications received.          

•    Member / Parent / Spouses’ service to the Regiment (15 %)
      o    Years and type of service and major accomplishments
•    Academic Standing (15 %)
      o    Submit most recent transcripts and major academic accomplishments
•    Academic and Career Goals (20%)
      o    Usefulness of the current program in achieving long-term career goals
•    Community Service (25 %)
      o    Community service outside of scholarly pursuits. (Volunteer organizations, sports, etc)
•    Financial Need (25 %)
      o    Program costs, other scholarships or bursaries applied for and received.

The application form for both types of scholarships is to be completed electronically, printed and forwarded by regular mail with all necessary enclosures in order to reach the Regiment not later than 11 May 2018 at this address:

Lord Strathcona’s Horse (Royal Canadians) Regimental Society
Steele Barracks
PO Box 10500, Station Forces
Edmonton, AB  T5J 4J5


Alternatively, completed applications can be scanned and emailed to

Download: Scholarship Application Form
Should you have any problems downloading the application form or require the form in a format other than Microsoft Word, please email or call 780-973-1660 for assistance.

Selection Panel
Applications will be considered by a panel comprised of:
•    Colonel of the Regiment;
•    Commanding Officer;
•    Regimental Sergeant Major;
•    Regimental Second-in-Command;
•    Association Representative;
•    Society Secretary; and
•    a Canadian Pacific representative.

This panel will deliberate to select from among the applicants the most deserving candidate in order of priority. All or a portion of these scholarships need not necessarily be awarded in any year, at the sole discretion of the selection panel. In the event that there are no applicants for one of the two scholarships or, in the view of the selection panel, no suitable applicants for one of the two scholarships and two awards of either may be given. Further details on the overall program can be obtained from the Regimental Second-in-Command and/or the Regimental Sergeant Major.

Competition Results
The winner of the competition will be announced in June of each year. Each applicant will be informed of the selection panel’s decision and their relative standing. The winner(s) will receive their cheque from the Regimental Command Team or their designate at a mutually agreed upon time.