“Building Morale”

By Corporal M

Week 1 - Setting the conditions.
As Op UNIFIER Roto 3 hit the ground, we quickly started relieving Roto 2. With smooth handovers and a week to sort ourselves out we were on our way to success. It did not take long for people to start pushing up good ideas about how to make our time here more enjoyable. After many discussions about what we can and cannot change it was time to get to work.
Week 2/3 - Making our ideas come to life.
As we started prioritizing what we needed to do first, we picked our first project. Building the deck. With few guys around to build it would seem impossible to complete our task. The LOEs were quick to send volunteers and we were able to finish the deck and crush our first project.


Week 3/4 - A place for horseshoes and fire.
Our next project was all about making more room. With the great idea of moving our wire and creating space for a fire pit, we were moving gravel in no time. With the gravel leveling out the ground and the fire pit dug out, we were ready to start the big project.
Week 6 - Building a second Canada house for a spot to raise your glass.
With the floor put down and the mod put up it was time to focus on the main attraction, the bar. With the days passing by and the hours counting down the bar was finally open. The ideas all came together in the end bringing people together for a few drinks and laughs and with it only taking six weeks to complete we will have plenty of time to enjoy our new Canada house and keep building morale.